Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27, 2013

 Here's Lily and Daddy doing their puzzles on Sunday night.  Although Lily seemed to be over her stomach bug by last Saturday night, we decided to keep both girls home from church last Sunday.  Daddy went to our meetings and then came home so Mommy could go to choir practice.  By Sunday evening it seemed we were all in the clear so we made plans for a family fun day on Monday.
 Jeremy had Monday off so we took the girls out to lunch at Applebees and then took them to a little arcade to play games.  The kids had a great time.  Eating out is a big treat for them since we don't do it very often.
Annie was mostly excited to have french fries and rootbeer.  Lily was happy to order off a menu and play all the kid games on the menu with Daddy's help.

 Lily loved getting all the tickets from the arcade games.  She chose candy bracelets and tootsie rolls as her prizes.  Both girls fell asleep in the car on the way home while trying to eat their bracelets.

 Just when we thought we were all healthy, Annie started throwing up.  It manifested in the same way as Lily's bug so we knew we only had to worry for 24 hours.  Once again, Mommy was cleaning and disinfecting and comforting and caring.  Annie threw up on me twice so I was really afraid of coming down with the bug since I didn't know if it would hurt the baby.  Luckily Daddy and I stayed healthy and we were free of the "tummy yuckies" by Wednesday.
 Annie even felt well enough to venture out in the snow.
 And by Friday we were all our usual selves.  The girls have been living in princess dresses now that they both have a Cinderella dress to wear.  Lily put them in matching headbands too - they call all headbands "crowns".
 Saturday we took it easy in the morning and played some games in between regular weekend chores.
 But it soon became apparent that we all had cabin fever.  So we packed up the kids to have a play date at the mall.  We played on the toys, went to Barnes and Noble, and just walked around to help get some wiggles out.
 The girls didn't want to leave the Lego table or the train table.  I wish we had room in our house for things like this.  They really are cool.
 Lily wanted to ride a motorcycle - just like Papa!

Jeremy has been working hard lowering the ceiling in his downstairs office (man cave).  All the vent work in this room meant we had to drywall around it and have a funky looking ceiling or try lowering the ceiling.  We opted for lowering and decided on recessed lights so that the ceiling wouldn't feel even lower with a light fixture hanging from it.  We're getting excited about installing the drywall in the downstairs bedrooms before the baby is born so that visiting grandparents will have more privacy.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013

With below freezing temperatures (below 0 temperatures! Brrrrr!) Mommy has declared that all playing must be done indoors.  Not a problem for these girls.  They love to ride their swivel cars and new bikes from Christmas down in the basement.

Or play hide and seek in our closets.

Or have dance parties to the radio in the kitchen while Mommy and Daddy clean up after dinner.

Our favorite girl from Meridian is a student here at BYU-I.  She received her mission call this week to the Mesa, Arizona mission.  It was exciting to be there to see her open it.  Her whole family watched via Skype and there were multiple cell phones with other friends and family listening in.  The kids and I made these sister missionary cupcakes to celebrate our new soon-to-be-missionary.  We love you Cassandra!

 Last week Lily's Primary teacher from last year fell on the ice and broke her arm and wrist.  Lily was so sad to hear the news and wanted to do something nice for her.  So we donned our matching aprons and made Lily's favorite cookie: Snickerdoodles.  Her teacher was so happy to get a visit and a treat and it was sweet to see Lily glow with the spirit of service.

This table from Grammy and Grampy Hall has been the most used Christmas present so far.  The kids want to eat all their meals and snacks on it.  It is a great height for setting up their doll houses and Barbies.  And they love to just sit and color on it.  They really love to have princess tea parties with their tea set (filled with water) and tea cookies (graham crackers).

Annie loves her little horse Butterscotch.  She gets confused about his name all the time.  She often calls him Hopscotch.  But the horsey doesn't mind.  She tucks him in and gives him kisses every night before bed - unless she's really tired.  It is so sweet to hear her tell him she loves him too.  Thanks for the horsey Puna!

We ended the week on a low note.  Lily came down with some sort of stomach bug.  We're not sure of the source but she probably picked it up at gymnastics or ballet class.  Mommy was up with her most of the night Friday night.  Then we spent Saturday cleaning two sets of soiled sheets, doing all the regular household laundry, as well as disinfecting everything in the house.  Lily was still very sick all day Saturday but made a turn around just before bed time.  Last night was much more peaceful, although Mommy still didn't sleep much because Annie was up coughing and Lily was still fighting a fever.  Thank goodness Daddy has Monday off so hopefully Mommy can catch up on some rest.  We all seem to be healthy now.  Our hands are cracking from all the handwashing and cleaning. 

Thanks for joining us at the new blog.  Here's to a wonderful 2013!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year - New Blog

After four years of faithful blogging on our previous site, we ran out of storage space.  I've been researching how to take old entries and put them in a book to free up space, but it will take hours of work.  I will do it in the future.  But I don't want to go too long without any entries - especially since we're less than 10 weeks away from baby boy's arrival.  Since we usually post on Sundays for our "Sunday Shenanigans" I thought that would be a great title for this blog.  Thanks for visiting.  See you Sunday!