Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 09, 2015

We've had a busy couple of weeks preparing for baby's arrival.  Lots of doctor appointments, shopping, play dates with friends, and family time before we need to hunker down and rest with the new little one.  Mommy has tried to just relax and enjoy as much time as possible with the big kids so I didn't take a lot of pictures.

 For Family Home Evening the girls put on hooded sweatshirts "so no one would recognize them".  We were challenged in Primary to do an act of secret service. The girls decided to take notes and treats to their Primary teachers.  We laughed so hard trying to knock and run in neighborhoods with huge driveways and front yards.  It was almost impossible to make a drop without being seen.  But the girls loved every second of it.

 How do you know your kids are having a fun summer?  Your bathtub looks like this every night.  Grass, dirt, sand, leaves, you name it.  We're so glad the kids have been enjoying the outdoors with their friends.  But we'll be even more glad when they are old enough to clean the tub themselves.
 It has been pretty cool and comfortable the past few days but we did have one scorcher.  I tried filling up our pool but I think it got popped sitting in the garage.  It wouldn't hold air, which meant it wouldn't hold water.  Our kids and a few neighbors played for almost three hours, until the pool was flat to the ground and out of water.  They loved it.

 The kids were not happy about being dragged around town while Mommy tried to pick up all the essentials we'd need for the next month.  But some cheese pizza from Sam's Club was a bright spot to one of our errand running days.
 For our most recent Family Home Evening, the girls told us stories they learned in Primary about Jesus.  Lily told us the story of when Jesus calmed the tempest and Annie told the story of when Jesus told his disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat and they caught more fish than they could pull in.  It was cute hearing their versions of the stories and trying to help them understand a little more about our Savior.
Sorry not a lot of pictures this past couple of weeks.  There will be plenty staring next week with the arrival of our newest little one.  We're all so excited.  Keep us in your prayers that the surgery and recovery will go well for everyone.