Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 27, 2014

This was a slow and quiet week at our house.  Mommy has been very sick with bronchitis - unfortunately it is a viral illness that won't respond to antibiotics.  Lily, Annie and Tommy have all been sick too.  Tommy also got a sinus and ear infection due to the cold.  Tommy has been waking a lot during the night.  It has been hard to get well without a good night's sleep.  Daddy has been doing his best to fight it off and stay healthy but after nearly two weeks of being coughed on, we think he is starting to get it too.

Tommy spent the first half of the week cranky and sleepy and feverish.  Monday night we had a scare with his temperature.  Around midnight he woke up shaking and crying - he was up to 104 degrees!  Mommy was worried.  Tommy was really hot.  We undressed him and gave him medication. Daddy gave him a priesthood blessing.  We gave him a popsicle and cooled him down with a spongebath.  After a few hours, his temperature was down to 100, and he fell asleep.  The next day he was back up to 102 and we took him to the doctor.  Antibiotics have been helping.  He is more active and the fever is gone, but he is still clingy and grumpy.  We just want to be healthy again!

Happy news.....the driveway was finally paved.  It seemed like last week took the entire week to do the prep and cement curbing.  The asphalt was done in less than two hours!  I forgot to get a picture of the finished project.  It looks and feels awesome.

Lily's dance recital is just two and a half weeks away.  They are still practicing hard.  Lily loves to dance.  She especially loves it when I can come in and watch.

I was able to drag us out of the house for story time at the library.  Of course the girls were in their Frozen dresses.  This moment was so sweet because they sat down and held hands all the way through the stories.

Tommy has figured out the backdoor steps.  He refuses to crawl down them!  We're still struggling with the steps to the basement too.  He tries to walk down them or go down head first.  He just won't sit on his bum or slide down backwards on his tummy.  But the back door has rails to hold on to.  Tommy is pretty fast at getting up and down the three steps.  He is always do proud of himself when he gets up or down.  And it is so strange to see him walking nearly all the time.  I turn around and see him standing or walking right next to me.  Such a big boy!

Annie has inherited Mommy's eye allergies.  We had a scare with her on Friday night.  She was complaining about something pokey in her eye at bedtime.  We told her to leave it alone and go back to sleep.  A few minutes later she came out of her room screaming with an eye that was swollen shut.  We felt like the worst parents ever.  Daddy tried to flush it out with eye drops while Mommy was cleaning the house.  Annie just screamed and wouldn't let Jeremy get near her eye.  She finally got so miserable that she was desperate.  Annie let Mommy flush out her eyes with water in the bathtub.  She cried but Mommy tried to be very gentle and slow.  We took this picture after the water flushing.  It helped a lot - at least she could open her eye again - but things were still bad.  We gave Annie a dose of Benadryl and a cold compress.  Then after she had relaxed and was trusting us to go near her eye again, Mommy flushed out her eye with drops and swiped out the itchy mucus with a Q-Tip.  It was a long process but Annie woke up totally normal in the morning.  Poor little one.

Through all the sickness and grumpy days of this week, Lily has been a big helper and our comedic relief.  She made herself a tortilla face mask and ran around saying funny stuff the other night.  It was great to have a little silly time.  Thanks for being such a tender and intuitive little bug Lily.  We are blessed to have you in our family.

We're all starting to feel better.  The cough is lingering, but all the fevers and other symptoms are gone.  Hopefully Daddy will not get as sick as the rest of us.  The weather was cold and rainy most of the week which was nice for laying low and resting.  Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy some warmer days and more peaceful nights in the coming week.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning Pictures

Trying to get family pictures for Easter was practically an aerobic workout this morning!  Tommy just wanted to play with his hat, Lily was sliding off my lap, Annie was more interested in what we were doing than looking at the camera.  Whew!  I suppose it is funny to remember the hectic times too.  At least we tried to get a decent picture.  Happy Easter!

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter.  We had a wonderfully busy week in our house.  Here's a little bit of the fun.....

For family night on Monday we colored eggs.  The girls had so much fun choosing the colors.  Lily tried really hard to make a striped egg - like the ones Papa makes.  She was so proud of it and had me text a picture to Puna.  Annie loved all the colors and wanted to dye more as soon as she finished her last egg.  We told her one dozen was enough and she'd have to wait until next year.

While the kids and Mommy stayed warm inside coloring eggs, Daddy put together our new trampoline.  Wahoo!

 We spent the rest of family night jumping together on the tramp.  Even Tommy liked it - as long as we didn't bounce too hard.  The girls really like playing Ring Around the Rosie with Mommy on the trampoline.

After lots of jumping and a short bath, the girls wanted to embellish their eggs.  They spent about a half hour coloring and adding stickers to all the eggs.

We decided to use part of our tax return to pave our driveway.  The crew came out and spent days prepping for the concrete edging.  It was all finished on Thursday afternoon.  Next Monday the whole thing will be paved.  We are excited to get this finished!

Mommy is trying to get a playgroup started in our neighborhood.  We took a turn hosting it at our house Wednesday morning.  We had 11 moms and over 20 kids.  Thank goodness the weather was great that day.  Most of the children ended up playing outside.  It was the best turn out we've had since starting it last month.

Thursday morning we went to story time at the city library.  This week there were lots of songs and activities.  All the kids were given a plastic egg that rattled to shake during the songs.  Tommy loved his little red egg.  He didn't want to return it when story time was over.  Thursday night Grammy and Grampy came to tend the kids so Mommy and Daddy could see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform Handel's Messiah on Friday.

 We loved our short trip to Salt Lake.  We strolled Temple Square and the City Creek Center.  The flowers were beautiful and all the hyacinths smelled so sweet.  We tried a new restaurant called Brio Tuscan Grille.  The food was fabulous and the restaurant was beautiful inside.

Around 6:30 we walked back to the Tabernacle and saw this huge line!  Seating for the concert was not assigned.  We jumped in line right away.  It was a perfectly warm night.  We had a nice evening waiting for the concert to begin.

When we were allowed to enter and choose seats, the violins and a few others were still getting notes from the conductor.  Mommy got as close as she could to listen and get a picture.  Once the Tabernacle was full, it got really warm.  The whole audience was using their programs as fans.

The choir was amazing.  The soloists were very precise and talented, but Mommy loved the mezzo soprano the best.  One nice touch was, the program contained the scripture text for each song.  Daddy appreciated that so he would know what the singers were saying. 

Saturday morning we returned home to happy faces.  The kids had fun finding their Easter baskets and opening them.  The favorite toy was miniature Anna and Elsa dolls.  Lily and Annie have been playing with them nonstop since Saturday morning.  Grampy took the kids to the city egg hunt.  The girls came home with a lot of candy.  Grampy helped get some project done around the house and the kids had fun playing with Grammy and showing Frozen to their grandparents for the first time.

After Grammy and Grampy left to go home, we made the kids pull some weeds before doing our family egg hunt.  Tommy found one egg in the grass and was content to just sit and play with it while the girls found all the others.

Tommy came down with a fever on Saturday afternoon.  He took a short nap in Daddy's arms and then fell asleep in the hallway while watching Mommy work.  A little Motrin helped him sleep through the night.  He woke up Sunday feeling a little better, but still very clingy and wanting to be near Daddy.