Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 18, 2014

Mother's Day was sweet this year.  I woke up to this...

Two happy faces waking me up for my breakfast in bed.

They went out in the chilly morning wind to pick dandelions for my breakfast tray decorations.  Daddy made a german pancake with strawberries.

After covering our comforter with syrup and strawberries, the kids wanted a family snuggle in our big bed.  Hard to believe that just a few years ago, we thought we might never have a baby - and now we have three!  The kids made Puna a few cards and we gave her two new books to read. 

We spent the next few days playing with Puna and preparing for Lily's dance recital.  We borrowed these fun curlers from a friend.  Lily complained about them all day Wednesday, but she loved having all the curls when it was time to take them out.  We made it to the recital and Mommy realized part of Lily's costume was still at home.  So Mommy raced home to get it and made it back just two numbers after Lily's class had finished.  Luckily we got a video of the first dance and Lily still had a second dance to perform.

Great job Lily.  She said her favorite thing about taking dance lessons this year was: getting to perform on a big stage and wear some of Mommy's make up. 

After the show we had dinner at Applebee's.  Tommy was really having a good time.  Especially once he discovered the ranch dressing.  He dipped everything in it.  And when he ran out of things to dip, he just picked up the little cup and started drinking.  Puna was laughing so hard, she cried.  Tommy would not leave the ranch alone.  Forget a sweet tooth...this kid has a ranch tooth!

Thursday morning we took Puna to the library for story time.  A police officer came to read stories to the kids and show them his patrol car.  Then we gave Puna a tour of the library and all the safari animals.  Annie was so excited to show Puna each and every animal.  Thanks for being a good sport Puna.

After the library, Puna treated us to an afternoon at the zoo.  It is still a little too chilly for some of the animals.  A few exhibits were still closed.  But the kids had a great time anyway.  Tommy was very excited to see the animals and watch them move.

 He tried so hard to get this duck to pay attention to him.  No luck.

What a fun day!  Thank you Puna.

Friday we took a trip to Bear World.  Lily was nervous about the bears jumping up on the van like they did last year.  She was a little tense during the drive through the park.  Annie and Tommy loved the petting zoo.  Annie gave a gentle love pet to every animal she could get her hands on.  Tommy liked following the goats and chickens.

Lily was more excited about the rides.  We had just enough time to ride each ride once before a downpour sent us running to the car and on our way back home.

Those little bear cubs are so much fin to watch.  They liked running along the fence line and trying to follow Tommy. 

Friday night Jeremy took Tommy to their first Fathers and Sons camp out with out church group.  Tommy did great.  We're just happy he managed to stay out of the fire and the river.  While the boys were sitting in the rain on their camp out, the girls had a wonderful dinner in Idaho Falls.

Thank you for coming to see us Puna.  And thank you for spoiling us while you were here.  Papa.....Annie wants you to come next time!

May 11, 2014

This week started with a celebration.  Cinco de Mayo is not actually Mexican Independence Day, but it is a big deal in Puebla where Jeremy served his mission.  So Mommy decided we should start celebrating it in our house to give our family a chance to talk about Daddy's mission and to have a fun party with Mexican food.

 When Daddy got home from work he was surprised to see all of us dressed up in Mexican dresses (or in Annie's case, a princess dress) and sombreros.  He laughed when he saw us.  We made him put on his horrible "Mexi-color Dreamcoat" so he could join in the fiesta.

After dinner, Mommy took the girls to Zumba for a fiesta there.  Zumba goes until 9:30 p.m. so we only stayed for the first 20 minutes and then got everyone in bed.  It was a fun night.  The girls danced their hearts out and they love having exercise clothes just like Mommy's.

Annie did awesome on the bars in gymnastics this week.  She is getting stronger every class.  So fun to see her grow and improve.

Jeremy finished building two raised beds for our garden this year.  They look great.  We got them filled with dirt and now they are Tommy's favorite place to play.  He doesn't like to touch the dirt with his hands, but give him a tool and he will sit or stand and play there for up to an hour.

 Our little local library has some preserved animals on loan for the month.  Story time was very exciting this week.  The animals are huge and beautiful.  The kids were so thrilled to be able to touch and get close to all the creatures.  We have gone back a few times just this week to see the animals again.  Annie will be especially sad then the exhibit is gone.

 Silly sisters on the trampoline!

 These kids LOVE olives!

Lily made this poster a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think I got a picture of it.  She was supposed to make a poster all about her family and her favorite things.  She picked out all the pictures and decided how to arrange them.  She was really proud of it.

Puna surprised us with an earlier than planned arrival on Saturday.  The kids were so happy to have her come. More about Puna's visit in next week's post!