Friday, November 29, 2013

Eight Months!

Tommy hit eight months on the 27th.  He has gained so many new skills this past month.  We're having a hard time keeping up with our little man.

 Now that he's crawling we had to get a baby gate.  He loves to wear on Mommy's nerves by standing at the gate (at the top of the stairs) and shaking the gate as hard as he can. 

 Bath time is happy time.  Tommy loves the water and is guaranteed to giggle all the way through his bath.

 Again at the gate....this kid just won't give up!

Following Mommy while I run the vacuum.  He loves the sound and he really loves to chew on the power cord.

 He loves hoods and hats.  And looks so darn cute in them too.

Covered in peas - his favorite food.

Tommy loves to explore and crawl into little spaces.  He likes using the dining chairs as a jungle gym.

 He has figured out how to smile for the camera.  We love his huge, toothless grin.


 Tommy and Daddy are turning into buddies.  They are too cute together.

His favorite snack is paper.  Writing paper, toilet paper, paper towels, newspaper, wrapping paper, tissue get the idea.  He is always on the prowl for paper to eat.  Yuck!

New skills/changes: crawling, pulling himself up on furniture, cruising along furniture, smiling for camera, holding his own bottle, waving, less Mommy separation anxiety, bottom teeth coming in

Favorite foods: baby peas and baby carrots

Tommy wears a size four diaper, can fit a range of clothing sizes but mostly wears 6-9 month.  We think he weighs about 16.5 pounds.

Loves horsey rides on Mommy's tummy, singing songs, being tickled, playing pat-a-cake, chewing on teething rings, looking at books, watching his big sisters while they play, taking baths

Happy eight months Bubba!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24, 2013

Silly sisters playing reindeer games with their antlers.  They wore these antlers all week until the paper just couldn't hold up anymore.

Our favorite way to spend Sunday night.....playing with Uncle Brady!  It is so fun having Brady nearby at the university.  He is pretty busy all the time, but we try to see him on Sundays.  The kids are always so excited to have him over.

 Monday night we made tortilla snowflakes for our FHE treat.  Just fold the tortilla like you would fold paper to make a snowflake, cut out shapes and unfold to reveal your flake.  Brush with butter and sprinkle with sugar or cinnamon sugar and bake at 425 for about 5 minutes.  They are so sweet and buttery.  We also played the Ladybug Game.  It was a fun night.

 Can't believe how grown up they each get from week to week.

 On Wednesday Lily's preschool class went on a field trip to a local dental office.  Annie was able to tag along.  The tour lasted about 20 minutes.  Lily got to ride in a chair and try out the water and air squirter.  Annie was too afraid to get in the chair.  We'll have to let her have some rides at Papa's office to help her overcome her fears. Each child was given a treat bag with a new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste.  The girls have been so good about brushing their teeth since the field trip. And there's toothpaste all over the cabinets, counter, and walls of the bathroom to prove it.

 Annie loves her make-up.  Some friends gave her a package of lip gloss for her birthday.  She puts on each color from the package at some point every day.

 For some reason Tommy is in love with garbage cans.  I was cooking in the kitchen Tuesday when I heard my bathroom garbage can tip over.  I came in and found Tommy eating the toilet paper.  Gross!  Thank goodness my can is metal so I can hear it tip.  He tried to get into it three other times this week.

Lily wanted to take pictures of Annie during gymnastics.  She did a pretty good job.  Annie loves her class and really tries hard to please her coach.

 Silly girls at bath time.  Annie hates getting water in her eyes so she wears her swim goggles in the tub.  She looked so funny Friday night I had to get a picture.  Lily was out of jammies the other night so I let her wear my robe until her pajamas came out of the dryer.  She thought it was cool to wrap up in my big fuzzy robe.  Tommy thought it was cool to photobomb his sister!

And my favorite picture of the week.  Jeremy came down with a cold and sore throat Friday.  He spent most of the weekend resting in bed and trying to get well.  Lately Tommy really wants to be with his Daddy.  So we let Tommy snuggle Daddy for a while on Saturday.  They are just so precious together - it melts my heart.  Happy Thanksgiving - see you next Sunday!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17, 2013

This week started on a high note for the girls.  They were super surprised to get wonderful birthday cards in the mail from Uncle Norm and Auntie Sue - with a gift card to Target (their absolute favorite store) enclosed.  Lily jumped up and down like she had won the lottery.  Annie just kept hugging her card.  Their reaction was so enthusiastic I had to snap a photo.

 Little Tommy is as busy as ever.  He is discovering the house and all the toys.  His favorite teething toy is....the cord to the vacuum cleaner.  When I pull the vacuum out of the closet he crawls after me and waits for me to plug it in so he can grab the cord and chew away.  This is funny to us because he is so startled by loud noises but he loves the cord so much that he doesn't seem to mind vacuum noise.  Silly boy!

Poor Tommy had an unfortunate day this week.  Our family refers to it as the "terrible, horribly awful, no good, very bad day".  It started out like any other Wednesday but around noon we had a friend over to play.  Our friend left the baby gate at the top of our stairs open slightly and Tommy fell all the way down the stairs.  He was fine but it was traumatic few hours of observation and worry for all of us.  Just a few hours later it was time to pick up Lily from dance class.  Since the weather is cold, Mommy left Tommy snug in his carseat in the parking lot while she ran to the door of Lily's class.  When Lily and Mommy tried to get back in the car, our keyless entry fob wouldn't unlock the doors to the van.  Mommy's phone was locked in the car.  She had to plead with the parents in the dance school to get access to a phone (that's another story in and of itself).  We got in touch with a locksmith.  He came within 15 minutes but still took another hour (with back up help) to get the van opened.  Tommy cried the entire time.  He was totally drained and exhausted by the time the ordeal was over.  The locksmith didn't charge me - probably because he felt sorry for me - and I didn't lock my keys in the car, my key just wouldn't work.  Tommy wouldn't let Mommy put him down the rest of the day.

No reason for this picture - the girls are just adorable!

 Daddy is working hard on the office in the basement.  He's finishing framing in the windows and has started installing flooring.

Lily is plugging away at the piano.  She tries very hard.

 Friday night I took the girls on a Mommy-Daughter Date.  One of the local Zumba studios did a Zumba Family Night.  The girls loved the cool lights and the music.  Lily even remembered some of the routines from when we used to go together.  Annie stayed right by my side and danced the entire hour.  Lily would burst with enthusiasm for one or two songs and then have to take a rest.  We had a total ball.  In the group picture, Annie and I are in the center on the front row Lily is up on the stage just right of center.

 Saturday morning we woke up to our first real snow of the season.  As an adult I still love the magic of the first snow.  And I love seeing it in the eyes of my children.

Poor Tommy can't seem to kick the cold he got two weeks ago.  He was refusing food but needed to get something in his tummy so we offered him a popsicle.  He loved it - can you tell?

 Saturday afternoon Lily went to a birthday party.  Annie was not old enough to go so Mommy took advantage of the time for a one on one outing.  The university was offering a little holiday fair for kids.  Annie played games, listened to stories, got her face painted, made ornaments and pictures, had treats, and got to do it all with just Mommy.  She told me it was the funnest afternoon ever!  After the fair was over we went to McDonald's and shared some chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce.....Annie's life was complete.

So that's all for this week.  We're just so thankful that Tommy is fine after his big fall and trauma of being locked in the car.  Lily and Annie seem to grow more every day.  They are beginning to count down to Christmas at the cabin with the Halls.  Mom and Dad are just trying to get through Thanksgiving first!  See you next week with more shenanigans.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013

 Look who is pulling himself up.  Tommy loves to stand up now that he's got it figured out.  And he has started slowly cruising along furniture.  I even caught him experimenting with letting go this morning - he promptly fell over, but he was excited to try standing without support.  Our little guy is constantly on the move.

 Tommy LOVES bathtime.  When he hears the water start to fill the tub, he will crawl all the way to the bathroom no matter where he is in the house. 

 Two nights this week we built a tent fort in the family room and had a movie night. The kids love it and it feels good to snuggle down together.

 Our hooligans love their LEGOS.  They are always all over the floor and all the kids can play together with them for a long time every day.  It is fun to see their creations.  Okay so Tommy is mostly using the blocks as teething toys - but the girls have built some pretty cool things.

 Our cute little cruiser is all smiles.  Love that toothless grin.

We had Uncle Brady over for dinner on Sunday night.  The girls were so excited for him to come over, they were wound up all afternoon.  Brady's friend Morgan was in town this weekend with her mother and sister, so we invited everyone to join us.  It was a fun evening.  The kids were showing off all their tricks - piano songs, dance routines, gymnastics moves, etc.  And Lily hosted a wonderful pretend tea party for all the guests.

We mostly laid low this week.  All the littles are still sick with a cold.  The congestion caused Lily to get an ear infection.  We had lots of days of snuggles, quiet board games and books, movies, and naps.  Hopefully we'll kick this thing within the next week.  Thankfully Daddy and Mommy have avoided getting sick.

Saturday morning Daddy took the girls to see Despicable Me 2.  We got free tickets through BYU.  Lily was so excited about her Daddy-Daughter date, she picked out the outfit she wanted to wear five days in advance.

Jeremy and I won tickets to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert in December.  Grammy and Grampy Hall have graciously offered to watch our kids so we can get away for a night.  I am so excited to get to go again.  We had an amazing experience last year.

See you next Sunday!