Thursday, August 24, 2017

4th of July 2017

Hooray for the 4th of July - Independence Day and Daddy's birthday! We love spending this day together. This year we left the cabin a little early to head toward Rigby so that Puna and Papa could have some time with Uncle Brady too. We had red, white, and blue crepes for breakfast. Lots of work, but so delicious. Then we packed up and spent the day at Rexburg Rapids. The kids couldn't stay in one place for more than a few minutes. They wanted to see and do everything. The water felt warmer this year which meant the kids lasted hours longer than previous years. It was a fantastic way to beat the heat and play together. I think I could look at these pictures all day long. They just make me feel happy.
Thank you Puna and Papa for the wonderful day at the water park. We had a fantastic time together!
After all that playing we were tired. We rested for a little while and then it was time to party. Jeremy turned 40 this year. He requested cashew chicken pasta salad with corn on the cob for dinner and a huckleberry ice cream cake. Done and done.
Puna and Papa gave Daddy a "Goodbye to your 30's" card. Daddy is having a hard time with this birthday. He says it's all downhill from here.
The kids don't care how old Daddy is, they just want cake!
After cake it was time for fireworks. We still had a lot of daylight so this year we used up some poppers and party crackers. I think the kids actually liked this better since they could do them on their own. And we didn't have to stay up past 11 pm to wait until it was dark enough to light fireworks.

It was such a fun night. The party poppers were a huge success. We made an absolute mess of our front walk.
It is officially impossible to get a picture of everyone looking at the camera once you have more than three kids.
After a quick pick up, we were ready for sparklers. Tommy surprised us all with his love of sparklers. He is usually very cautious about new things that could be dangerous. Turns out he loves fire!
 We quickly burned through all the sparklers. Then the kids got spin rides from Daddy and Papa until everyone was sick from dizziness.
 It was truly a happy 4th of July.
To make the night even better, Annie lost another tooth!
We are so thankful we could spend the holiday and Daddy's birthday with family.