Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wanner/Hall Summer Vacation Part II

After a few days of camping we were excited to pack up and drive to the Hall cabin. Lily and Joey had a fun last night in the tent and took some pictures with Mommy's camera in the morning.
The Wanners and Annie and Tommy were still sleeping so we tried to keep things quiet on the campsite. Lily and Joey climbed into the pack-n-play to watch a show and share a morning snack. We were really roughing it!
We slowly packed up and fixed a breakfast of leftovers. The kids enjoyed our lazy morning and had fun exploring and playing in the campground one last time.
 The best English muffins we've ever had. Nothing like toast made over an open fire. Yum!
Tommy stuck to his usual piece of bread with cheese sticks and juice.
 Bye bye little cabin!
 Joey was so sad to leave....not really. He was just feeling grumpy about something that morning and refused to cooperate for the departure pictures.
So much for a good picture of the grandparents with all their grandchildren. Joey wouldn't hold still or stop crying.
We had a great first time camping as a family of six. Maybe next time we'll try somewhere more remote for a little more privacy and connection with nature. We're so glad Puna and Papa could join us. We can't wait to visit Coeur d'Alene again.
The drive from Coeur d'Alene to Donnelly was beautiful - except for the stinky Lewiston part. Puna let all the kids choose a treat at a gas station. Sugar makes everything better, even a half day car ride.
We got there early enough to enjoy some lake time and play a little bit with Grammy and Grampy.
Joey was ready to get on the water!
 Tommy loved shooting Lily and Daddy with the water guns.
 This is such a beautiful place and since it is a private neighborhood, our side of the lake stays pretty quiet.
After dinner we played some frisbee golf and card games. I love the relaxed nights at the cabin.
Sunday we got up early and went to church. It was so crowded we filled up the whole chapel and gymnasium. After church the boys tried on cousin Sofie's squid hat. Joey wasn't sure if he should laugh or be worried by the strange thing on his head.
 We spent the afternoon playing together as a family. Now that Tommy is tall enough for foosball he can't get enough.
He takes it very seriously.
Grampy took the girls out for a paddle boat ride and Daddy and Papa borrowed the side by side to scout out a spot for floating Gold Fork the next day.
Late in the afternoon Papa brought out the ice cream maker. The kids had a great time making ice cream together.
 Annie got so into churning the ice cream, her hair was flying!
When it was done, we had a lot of eager taste testers waiting!
The adults pretended to not be interested in the ice cream, but they were circling as soon as it was done. Tommy is all about sprinkles and vanilla ice cream!
 Don't bother us...we're eating!
Thank you for a yummy way to spend the afternoon Papa!
Puna and Papa got a chance to take the side by side for a spin. They loved it.  On Monday morning, the brave few hit the creek early for a quick float trip.
They had to get out a few times to maneuver the boats around trees and scrub, but for most of the time the water was high enough to get through.
Sofie and Claire were excited about the cattle they saw. It was the first thing they told their mom about when they returned to the cabin.
Before leaving we had a quick party for Daddy's 40th birthday. Grammy and Grampy gave him a few books. We all got a good laugh out of the "Millionaire by 30" book. Ten years too late unfortunately. Just think, we could have been rich by now if we had just found this book.
The kids did pretty well on the long drive back home. It helps that we stopped for lunch at McDonald's in Mountain Home and picked up ice cream in Pocatello.
Thank you for a great week of vacation Puna and Papa and Grammy and Grampy! We didn't get to spend very long at the cabin this year. Hopefully we'll make it back there again before summer is over. The kids keep asking when we can go again.

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